What Weight Loss Diet Plan Is Right For You?

When it comes to losing weight the first word people think about is diet”

Diet to most people means weight loss people imagine small portions of food and giving up what they most like to enjoy. I imagine most folks think of salads, fruit and vegetables and feeling hungry all of the time.

Luckily there are many diet plans on the market today that simply allow you to change the way you view food whilst allowing you to lose weight at a reasonable rate rather than enduring rapid weight loss which is not suitable to most people’s lifestyles.

Even some the weight loss plans, such as the GI diet, are actually good for you. The foods you are allowed to eat will improve your health whilst maintaining a steady weight loss that you are aiming for.

Being overweight is no fun for anyone and can actually reduce your life expectancy by 10 or more years so it’s important to maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI) as well.

Some diet plans target instant weight loss in 7 days or less” but when choosing to start a diet it’s better to look at your longer term goals rather than losing weight for a special event it’s probably better than you look at your life style and what you want from yourself and your body.

Certainly people who reduce their weight state that their energy levels improve dramatically and they enjoy their day to day lives even more.

So what weight loss diet plans are available to you to try?

As mentioned, the GI diet combines a healthy eating approach and is based on how your body processes the food you eat. GI diets are followed by diabetics because it’s based on the blood sugar levels that are produced from what you eat. It’s scientifically researched and if you follow the guides for long term weight loss it should be beneficial.

Other diet plans include the Atkins Diet, which although has received bad press is also based on how your body processes food and is structured around food combination. It is suggested that if you combine fats, proteins and carbohydrates correctly you will lose weight naturally. It’s best to avoid the high fat content of this diet as you will raise your cholesterol levels. Additionally by avoiding carbohydrates your body will initially lose water rather than fat and this leads to unwanted side effects such as bad breath.

You should search the internet to see what other diet plans are available and that fit in with your lifestyle. Generally though, if you cut out high fat and high calorie food, eat your 5 fruit and vegetables a day as recommended by most government agencies and combine this with a light exercise programme, your weight should be maintained at a healthy level.